Sat/Sun 3rd/4th Nov 2012

5pm - 8.30pm, free


Whitlath Exegesis

Robin Webb


whitlath exegesis


Whitlath Exegesis is a film about the geological history of Whitley Bay, from the formation of the planets and stars, through the forming of the land, the emergence of life, cells, fish and dinosaurs, to the battle between the land and the sea and the arrival of man. Participants from Coquet Primary School, Age UK and V.O.D.A. have imagined how landscape and history has formed the present day Whitley Bay, creating content from beach materials, images of Whitley Bay, crafts and art, and applying stop motion animation, timelapse and digital photography techniques.


The name of the work is inspired by one of the earliest maps of the North East of England from 1650 where Whitley is recorded as being Whitlath, whilst Exegesis refers to the explanation or interpretation of the past story of Whitley Bay. The final edit of the projected works can be seen via this external link here


whitlath exegesis



Robin Webb has been animating since the 1980s and in the last 10 years has been helping others in the community to create films that bring their stories and visions to life. As an animator in the community he has produced well over 100 films with a diverse range of inspiring participants from the very young to the very old from a wide spectrum of backgrounds. Some of these collaborated films have gone on to inspire the participants to greater things, becoming filmmakers and animators in their own right and the films produced with Robin have gained recognition with national organisations such as the Design Council, The National Gallery, BBC Proms in the Park, The Tyneside Cinema and the Animex International Animation Festival. He currently runs workshops in and around the North East region from his base in South Shields.


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