Sat/Sun 3rd/4th Nov 2012

5pm - 8.30pm, free



Worldbeaters Music


spark! drummers


Spark! was a world premiere for Shimmer - a magical live music, lighting and movement spectacular. Part performance-piece, part mobile installation, seven mysterious characters composed of light and sound transform the landscape around them. These glittering and illuminated forms took the audience on a colour-filled, dreamlike journey around the Links and appeared in some unexpected places - notably Spanish City Dome roof!

Painting with light using cutting-edge technology they make beautiful, dramatic visual interventions with the architecture, landscape and audience. This is interwoven with stunning original music to create pieces that range from sweeping and cinematic, funky and dynamic, to the intimate and ethereal. The playful characters engage and interact with the audience to create a unique experience that is full of intrigue and wonder. Sparks will fly!



spark! drummers

Spark! is a production by Worldbeaters Music - a Whitley Bay-based company specialising in musical performances, events and workshops. Chris Maines-Beasley and Alex Tustin of Worldbeaters Music have been working and performing together for almost 20 years and are best known in North Tyneside for their musical direction of the Mouth of the Tyne Pageant during the last few years and for creating “Boom Tyne” - North Tyneside’s contribution to the Millennium Dome celebration in 2000.


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