Sat/Sun 3rd/4th Nov 2012

5pm - 8.30pm, free



NOVAK Collective

di~ver~sión (spanish: entretenimiento); fun, amusement.


diversion projection


Diversión premiered in 2010 as part of North Tyneside's Year of the Arts programme to mark the end of the Spanish City Dome's centenary year and became a signature piece for Shimmer in 2011. A unique 'video mapped' digital projection, it projects onto the exterior of the well loved Spanish City Dome in Whitley Bay.


Diversión is a striking abstract and evocative reflection of the bygone days of this iconic building. The looped 9-minute animation combines graphical elements, photography and muted 'aged' imagery to convey a fairground aesthetic that intimately relates to the building's surface via video mapping techniques. This work fills the exterior of the building with vibrant colours bringing this restored landmark to life in a unique and magical way.


Alongside the filmic elements NOVAK have created an sumptuous soundtrack complete with echoed fairground layers, orchestral elements and a subtle homage to Dire Straits 'Tunnel of Love' which itself celebrates Spanish City.


NOVAK Collective are a dynamic creative studio based in the Newcastle. They undertake diverse digital, live and event based work and perform all over the world. This has included a high profile video mapping commission for Sony in 2012. Visit their external website here

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