Sat/Sun 3rd/4th Nov 2012

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Concrete Waves



concrete waves


Concrete Waves - from Del Mar to The Panama, California and the North East of England have a rich culture of surfing. The earliest written account of surfing comes from Hartlepool’s Captain Cook in the 1770s, and today Tynemouth is renowned for its world-class waves. Over in Del Mar, skateboarding developed as something for surfers to do when there were no waves.  'Vert' (vertical) skating was invented when the perfect 'concrete wave' was found in dry Californian swimming pools during the drought of 1976.  The design and bowls of Whitley Bay's Panama Skate Park are directly derived from this vert skating movement.


Digital video-projection combines with performance art to celebrate the parallels between two very distant seaside communities via the cultural roots of surfing and skateboarding.  Three films were projected onto the various bowls and surfaces of Panama Skate Park whilst live 'glow-skaters' gave periodic performances.  The films featured famous and local skaters/surfers and included footage shot on site in the daytime.


realtyne skaters


Realtyne are John and Karen Topping, a husband and wife team whose work focuses on 'environmental determinism' and 'futures past', especially concerning the modern built environment.  They represent architectural charity the Twentieth Century Society in the north-east.  John is showing new digital video-projection installations based on the brutalist Apollo Pavilion in the Durham Art Gallery between December 2012 and March 2013.


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