Sat/Sun 3rd/4th Nov 2012

5pm - 8.30pm, free



Joe Pochciol



Chronobooth is an interactive video installation by Joe Pochciol. Upon entering the Chronobooth, visitors are invited to take a step back in time, explore the heritage of Whitley Bay during its vibrant heyday and put themselves in the picture. A continuous loop of archive images spanning the 20th Century provide a backdrop for a photograph as the audience become part of history. Taken against a green backcloth, audience select and pose in footage of their choice for a snapshot of themselves in a bygone era. Uploaded images from the event can be seen here


chronobooth image

Joe Pochciol is a filmmaker, musician and programmer currently based in Newcastle upon Tyne. An alumnus of Culture Lab Newcastle and co-founder of Synaesmedia Systems, his work deals primarily with immersive media systems and user interaction. Chronobooth is produced with material courtesy of North East Film Archive and Tyne Tees Television, part of the ITV Network.


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